Why should you do background checks

What does a background check consist of?

The bigger the institution, the more black and white they are likely to be. Smaller firms are typically more subjective. Most financial firms do credit checks for people involved in revenue-generating activities or handling money.

When it comes to support positions, it can go either way. Ross Baltic, managing partner at Mercury Partners, a New York boutique-search firm, says all of his clients go thorough credit checks as well as criminal background checks.

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  3. Everything you need to know about pre-employment background checks.

It happens. The best advice is to not embellish dates of employment on your resume.

Running Background Checks on Job Applicants

While it may seem harmless, it can come back to bite you, come the offer stage. Contact: sbutcher efinancialcareers. Bear with us if you leave a comment at the bottom of this article: all our comments are moderated by human beings. Sometimes these humans might be asleep, or away from their desks, so it may take a while for your comment to appear.

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  • Get the latest career advice and insight from eFinancialCareers straight to your inbox. Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription. A background check can help employers to make intelligent and informed hiring decisions to help reduce their risk of theft.

    Understanding Employee Background Checks: What You Need to Know

    To see the importance to employers of confirming candidate credentials, look no further than the very public examples of CEOs and high-profile professors and coaches that embellished their credentials, only to cause harm to the reputation of the employers that failed to conduct a or a sufficient background check on them. The Bottom Line Organizational reputations have always been a great concern to employers, as the most highly regarded organizations generally are able to attract the best qualified workers.

    Background checks help employers safeguard their reputations by creating safer, more secure work environments staffed by qualified employees. Learn More. Go to Resource Library. In the course of the trial, it was revealed that the company driver had received at least three traffic violations in the three years prior to being hired.

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    3. Obtaining Consent for Background Checks;

    A criminal conviction alone is not automatically disqualifying. However, when the nature of the conviction is directly related to the safety and performance of the specific role, as it was in this case, a proper background screen — including a criminal records check and drug screen — might have disqualified this candidate from employment with the oil company.

    The Complete Guide to Background Checks

    Conducting a background check is a must when hiring someone who works with children as a component of their job. Yet somehow a small church in Vermont failed to do so when it hired a new pastor for the congregation. During the hiring process, the church did not ask — and the new pastor did not divulge — that he had been previously convicted of sexually exploiting a teenage girl while working as a teacher at a Christian school in an adjacent state.

    Job Seekers: What to Expect from a Background Check