Us dot tire identification number

DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN)

SRS pressed the agency to adopt a consumer-friendly date of manufacture for seven years. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has promised to consider the issue, as part of a tire performance standard. In , the agency adopted a Final Rule that required the TIN be molded on the intended outboard side of the tire to give consumers easy physical access to the TIN. Manufacturers also had the option of molding a partial TIN, minus the date code , on the other side of the tire. NHTSA set the compliance date at September 1, , and declined to change the date code to a readily recognized format using the month, day and year.

The petition requested that tire labeling rulemaking be separated from the tire performance standards for expediency. But, the agency decided to lump this petition into the tire performance rulemaking and indicated it would be considered at some future date.

In the meantime, NHTSA has identified a test protocol that has been generally accepted as a good artificial aging test followed by a roadwheel performance evaluation. And in , the agency mentioned tire age as a hazard in a consumer advisory about tire care in the summer months. While a performance standard would certainly ensure that tires were more robust, absent a change in the date code, consumers will still be in the dark about the age of their tires.

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Positions three and four represent the year of manufacture. For example, a tire that is marked with "", was manufactured in week 32 in Belt warning for the driver and front passenger Regardless of whether the driver and front passenger have fastened their seat belts already, the seat belt warning lamp lights up for 6 seconds after every engine start. It then goes out if t Important safety notes If a tire pressure monitor system is installed, the vehicle's wheels have sensors that monitor the tire pressures in all four tires.

The tire pressure monitor warns you when the pressure drops Adjusting the backrests in the 2nd row of seats You can adjust the angle of the backrests in the second row of seats.

Tire Identification and Recordkeeping

This short code, which consists of a two- or three-digit number along with a single letter, designates just how much weight your tires are capable of carrying safely load index and the maximum speed the tires are designed for speed category. Search the entire website. Owners Circle.

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