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Naval Service, U. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, U. Army, U. To see what collections are available for a specific branch of the service, enter words like Navy , Naval , Army , Air Force or Marine in the title field of the Card Catalog.

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To see what collections are available for a particular conflict, select the filter for Military Records and then the decade of the conflict from the date filters in the Card Catalog. Some census records include information on military service.

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The , , and U. It lists the residence, unit, and years of service of Civil War soldiers or their surviving widows. Authorized to Request Military Records Current and former Servicemembers of the military or their next of kin may request from the Department copies of their military records.

Next of kin are defined as the unremarried surviving spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brother and sister only of the Servicemember. Next of kin supporting documents must list the requestor's name. If their name is not listed, they cannot sign the Standard Form requesting records.

For military funerals, the funeral director may act as the next of kin.