Paris hiltons hacked phone book numbers

While Zidar said it is possible for the information on that device to be hacked from the company's server remotely, the company is still investigating the specifics of Hilton's case. Zidar said that since Sunday night a number of sites had posted Hilton's personal contacts, but the sites kept changing as the Secret Service, which Zidar said investigates computer crimes, shuts them down.

Sidekick hack ends Paris Hilton's Simple Life - Security - iTnews

A software security expert said anyone who uses Web-based technology to store personal information is potentially at risk. Mastoras said that while security issues surrounding mobile devices were not one of his top concerns, he said the growing popularity of the devices coupled with wireless technology such as Bluetooth, which allows them to communicate with one another even while they are not in use, is opening the door for greater problems.

He cited one virus known as Cabir, which spreads over smart phones. The virus infects the phone's software and turns all its icons into skulls and crossbones, rendering them useless.

Hackers post Paris Hilton's address book online

Mastoras said that while the viruses could cause the loss of data on a mobile phone such as contact numbers, the phone itself could most likely be repaired by reinstalling the software. As far as protection from hackers or thieves, Zidar said users could better guard themselves by choosing a difficult password and not giving it out to anyone, not responding to suspect online solicitations for their password and by contacting their service provider should the device be stolen or lost.

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Paris Hilton's phone hacked

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