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We 're walking distance from all Kaanapali resorts! Since the beginning of the year, the state law was enacted to allow same sex civil unions and I've outlined details of the Hawaii civil union application, too: Does Hawaii require me to live or be in state for any amount of time before I get married? Along with the completed marriage license application and proof of age documents, the bride and groom must appear together in person before a licensed marriage agent.

Participate in a wedding ceremony performed by a licensed Hawaii wedding officiate. Once married, your officiate will provide you with your Hawaii marriage certificate, indicating a legal marriage has been performed in the state of Hawaii. Both partners must appear together before a licensed CU agent to receive your license; participate in your civil union ceremony performed by a licensed civil union officiate.

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Participate in a civil union ceremony within 30 days of the license approval. After your civil union ceremony, the officiate will record the civil union record with the Hawaii department of health. Once reviewed and accepted the DOH will register the civil union.

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Subscribe For Email Updates. Search CJ's Site Search. Recent Blog Posts. Receive weekly updates filled with awesome recipes, restaurant news and Maui catering tips. Subscribe Now:. However, uncertified copies are good enough for informational purpose.

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You can also visit the Vital Records Unit of the state to get the records. Of course, you can visit the court house where the divorce took place to get a copy of the documents for a small fee.

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Some states allow third-party websites to provide these records. Some of these websites also allow you to get free records. Naturally, the information in free records is limited, as a complete record will be given to you for a fee. The records available may not have a copy of the divorce papers signed by the husband and wife. In order to see a copy of the divorce papers, you have to visit the clerk of courts divorce office.

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  5. Also, you may not be given a copy of the divorce papers, as this is usually given only to the parties involved in the divorce. The divorce papers are a part of the judicial documents. However, check the state laws to be sure as some states may allow you to take an uncertified copy of the documents from the court for legal research or genealogy studies.

    A marriage license is a permission for marriage.

    It is not the same as a marriage certificate. A marriage license only enables you to initiate a marriage ceremony. Unlike a marriage license, it cannot be used for change of name or for insurance purposes. If after getting the license, both parties decide to not get married, they just have to let the license lapse.

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    As per the procedure, after getting the license, the marriage has to take place and within days. Also, the license with the signatures of the person who officiated the ceremony and the bride and groom has to be submitted to the registrar. After this submission, the marriage certificate is mailed to the married couple in business days. View information about obtaining Hawaii marriage licenses including online marriage license application.

    Return to Top. View information about obtaining or amending Hawaii County birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, and information on getting married, processing Voluntary Establishment of Paternity VEP , and registration of home births. View information about obtaining Honolulu County birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. View Honolulu County genealogy records such as birth records, cemeteries, census records, death records, marriage records, obituaries, and more.

    View information about obtaining a Honolulu County marriage license including online marriage license application and list of license agents. View information about obtaining a Kauai County marriage license including online marriage license application. Search Hawaii public records by town H. Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage Records View information about obtaining Hawaii birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates online or by phone.