How to find out dns server ip address

Many DNS servers will also block malware, pornography, and other types of websites, if you want them to. But only running a benchmark will tell you which is fastest for you.

If You’re Looking for a Fast DNS Server

This will take longer, of course. For the most accurate results possible, ensure the DNS Benchmark tool is the only thing using your internet connection during the tests so turn off Netflix streaming, online games, or other downloads that might be using your internet. It helps to know how comparatively fast the other options are. It provides raw, unfiltered results. OpenDNS Home is configurable.

How Do I Find the DNS Server Being Used By My PC?

So, although OpenDNS offers malware protection and other web filtering features, you can create a free account and customize the exact filtering that will take place for your connection. If OpenDNS is fast for you, you can use it with or without the filtering. OpenDNS promises not to share your information with any outside parties. Verisign also provides its own public DNS server. You can choose which types of sites you want to block and even set a custom list of web domains that should be blocked or allowed.

As we mentioned above, OpenDNS promises not to share your information with outside parties. Check out our guide to configuring OpenDNS for more.

Opendns dynamic ip

I am using network manager and a wired connection to my university's LAN. I am trying to find out why my domain doesn't get resolved. This worked previous to the way above:. And the response should tell you what server s returned the result. The output you're interested in will look something like this:. Just do an, nslookup.

Part of its results include the server that it's using.

On newer versions of network-manager such as in Ubuntu If you are using network manager probably you get all network parameters from your dhcp server at your university. If you don't want use your shell to check your dns settings as described by hesse and Alexios , you can see them from the panel "Network information".

How to find your (Ip adress + dns server)

You can reach this panel by pressing right mouse button on network manager icon and selecting "Connection Information" from the menu. For compatibility, systemd-resolve is a symbolic link to resolvectl on many distros as for Ubuntu By adding DNS entries to the one active card that didn't have an entry - presto! All is good and response time is immediate. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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How to check your DNS settings | BT help

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This file typically points at And if you have several upstream server configured? How to know which one is currently used? See the answers by G32RW or Lonniebiz for a more robust approach under various circumstances, e.

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Lonniebiz Lonniebiz 2, 4 4 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. On Debian this requires the network-manager package.

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I've updated the answer to reflect what's working for me in I think you can also query DNS and it will show you what server returned the result. Try this: dig yourserver. Freiheit Freiheit 7, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges.