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In , the Association and Neighborhood Legal Services NLS jointly created the Family Law Center to provide legal representation to women in divorce, domestic violence, child and spousal support, and child custody cases. There are now four centers with more planned. The SELC has two complementary programs aimed at increasing access to transactional legal services for low-income entrepreneurs and change-making organizations, such as worker cooperatives, nonprofits and urban farms.

The Legal Cafe often includes workshops on a wide range of legal topics. Each Fellow receives training, mentorship, networking and other support opportunities. The traditional court process can be adversarial and complex, and often beyond the means of families.

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The COCD works in partnership with the legal system, leveraging interdisciplinary services and empowering parents going through a divorce to work together toward positive outcomes for their children. The model coordinates a package of services including: therapy, financial counseling, legal education, mediation, court filing, and a court-sanctioned final hearing with an onsite judge.

Often clients also use unbundled legal services from local attorneys as needed. Building on the COCD Denver experience, IAALS intends to replicate this model, with an ultimate goal of decreasing the adverse effects, and thereby better the outcomes, for children and families of divorce across the country. Center for Out-of-Court Divorce E. Regardless of the facts of their cases, unrepresented tenants face a high risk of eviction, and inexperienced landlords risk having their cases dismissed, often due to procedural missteps. In response to this need, the Center is available to unrepresented landlords and tenants in need of legal information, resources, and, if appropriate, referrals for representation from local legal service providers.

Volunteer lawyers from nine participating law firms consult with interested parties each weekday morning. The mission of DC Refers is to "connect clients who need affordable legal and mediation services with qualified attorneys. Find a reduced fee attorney here.

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The Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court Legal Self Help Center provides affordable legal services to the citizens of Pinellas County and assists them with filing small claims, tenant evictions and family cases. Fees paid by the litigants fund the Self Help Center attorneys and no person is turned away based upon income. The Self Help Center also provides specialized software that assists in filling out forms, maintains and sells packets for civil court actions, provides notary services and processes copy requests.

Harrison Ave. Get Smart Legal believes that everyone should have access to value priced professional legal advice from a licensed attorney to better address all present and future legal needs.

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Get Smart Legal specializes in web-enabled legal documents bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee. The Get Smart Legal business model employs web-enabled interface technology at reduced costs and increased productivity. This allows the firm to efficiently serve its target market of informed consumers with the ability to correctly choose their legal document and accurately answer the questionnaire content.

However, customers also have the option, at anytime during the process, to request assistance for any required functions. Essentia Legal offers full legal representation and document services in a broad array of disciplines. With offices located at a shopping mall storefront in South Fulton, Essentia Legal offers free consultations and payment flexibility to walk-in customers. It also supports an extensive community outreach program, partnering with churches, neighborhood associations, and local businesses to deliver free legal clinics where bankruptcy, estate planning, intellectual property, business formation and other pertinent issues are discussed.

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  5. Essentia Legal also leverages new technology to provide document preparation services to online customers and adds value by reviewing the documents for correctness and substantive compliance. Essentia Legal Marketplace Blvd. The Manely Firm, P. Every client receives a minimum one hour consultation with a licensed attorney who has special training in their particular field of law.

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    In addition to the consult, clients can receive a host of services including, drafting, document review, legal research, and even representation at court. All services are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Through limited scope service, utilizing part-time attorneys at moderate compensation, and maintaining low overhead and high volume, The Justice Cafe is designed to be self-supporting while keeping its billable rate low. Its model is simple, straightforward and responsive to an ever growing need.

    The Manely Firm P. The Court Assistance Office CAO integrates technology with personnel services to provide a one-stop clearinghouse to access legal services and other resources for those involved in family law cases and other civil court matters. There are currently court assistance offices in twenty-two courthouses around Idaho.

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    Some of the court assistance office resources, such as an attorney roster, court forms and instructions, can be accessed directly from the Project's website at www. For other services and materials, people may call or visit the nearest Court Assistance Office. Service began July 1, The firm is committed to assuring vigorous, comprehensive advocacy for parents and their disabled child, and seeks to maximize access to representation in meritorious cases by offering flexible fee and retainer policies.

    The business plan for the firm relies on recovery of attorney fees from the local school district as part of a settlement or after prevailing in a due process hearing before a state board of education hearing officer. The firm has been successful over the past six years in two ways: first, in representing scores of low and moderate income families each year; and second, in sustaining the firm through recovery of attorney fees from school districts.

    Howard St. Attorney Anthony Perrelli set out to help bring attorney-reviewed estate planning and information online with Smarter Will www. Smarter Will is a hybrid: the cost and convenience of an online legal service with the attorney-review process of a traditional law firm. It utilizes the DirectLaw platform in an innovative way, by creating a stand-alone brand not simply an online portal for traditional clients marketed towards middle-income families new to estate planning. The backbone of this project is www.

    Illinois Legal Aid Online www.

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    The Chicago Legal Clinic began in to address the legal needs of workers who had lost their jobs due to reductions of steel mill operations in South Chicago. The clinic was created by a local parish priest and lawyer, Most Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki, and a newly admitted lawyer, Edward Grossman. It provides a number of programs, including two advice desks at the Cook County Circuit Court, a domestic violence program, an immigration program, and advocacy for consumers in debt, seniors and the disabled.

    The clinic is supported by client fees, provided on a sliding-fee scale, and donations from a variety of sources. The clinic provides direct representation, coordinates pro bono services and provides a series of community educational seminars. Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc.

    CARPLS was created in response to the findings of the Illinois Legal Needs Study that called for a streamlined delivery mechanism to handle limited representation cases. The result of the combined efforts of the Illinois Bar Foundation, the Chicago Bar Foundation and the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois is a hotline that is the technological equivalent of storefront legal services, giving clients immediate access to a lawyer.

    The Post-Decree Divorce Self-Help Desk was established to address the large number of people in need of those services. The Desk is located in the courthouse, where staff attorneys help people represent themselves by filling out forms and drafting motions to enforce or modify existing judgments, usually involving child support and custody.

    The firm created a document assembly program that enables web site viewers to make their wills by answering a series of questions.

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    The firm advertises the availability of the free wills in local newspapers and in the Yellow Pages. The lawyer provides a brief consultation and supervises the execution of the wills. Clients from 18 to 85 years old have used the service. Participants are assisted on a first come - first serve basis and are allowed a minute conference with the volunteer attorney to discuss their issues.

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    These services are offered to participants without regard to financial ability and are open to all seeking basic legal advice from attorneys in the area. Recognizing that some attorneys may be hesitant to give even limited advice to non-clients, as part of the implementation of this program, LVL has prepared the appropriate documents to ensure both the attorney and participant are protected and has worked with the Bar Association to ensure that all volunteers are protected by the appropriate insurance with no cost to the attorney.

    These websites, including www. For example, www. Litigants answer questions phrased in plain language and their answers are pasted into the appropriate section of the pleading.