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Mason County, on the Ohio River in northeast Kentucky was formed in The Kentucky County was named for George Mason [], a member of the Virginia house of burgesses. He was also a member of the Virginia Convention of and the Constitutional Convention of Mason was the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights which was adopted in June Broadway P.

Box 90 Havana, IL New Market, Huron, Miller's Ferry and Petersburg were the contestants for the county seat, it was decided in favor of Petersburg. Named of Zebulon Pike, an early explorer of the Louisiana purchase.

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He was a General of the War of In , when the county seat moved to Pittsfield a new building was erected. Suarez v. Petitioner: Isreal Suarez. Sandoval v.

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Adams County et al Filed: February 11, as cv Defendant: Lee Page, Corin M. Flannigan, Trevor Moritzski and others. Plaintiff: William Frank Sandoval. Adams County Sheriff et al Filed: February 6, as cv Plaintiff v.

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Defendant Filed: December 18, as cv Defendant: Plaintiff v. Defendant and others.

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Plaintiff: Plaintiff v. Make sure to select Adams from the list of counties on the page.

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  6. You can search for these individuals by name, address, and zip code. The Sheriff's Office oversees the operation of the county jail and provides an inmate locator tool online to help the public find individuals incarcerated in this facility.

    To deposit money into an inmate's account, use the Detention Facility kiosk to pay cash. Money orders are also accepted. Make these payable to Adams County Detention Facility.

    To fund an inmate's account by credit card, call or visit www. This courthouse houses a District Court and a County Court. Find information about cases heard in this courthouse by completing the Adams County Docket Search webform. To obtain copies of records generated by these courts, contact the Adams County Combined Records Department. This office is also located in the Justice Center building and opens to the public between a. The Records Department also accepts mail requests for court records.

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    Alternatively, send it by mail to:. Copy fee for paper documents is 75 cents page while electronic records cost 25 cents per page. Postage and handling cost 75 cents.

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    The Adams County Assessor provides a handy property search tool online to help the public find information about different real estate properties all over the county. Find land records by searching by parcel, street, account, or permit number.