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Sons of Confederate Veterans. University of Alabama Birmingham. University of Alabama in Huntsville. University of Montevallo. University of North Alabama. The State of Vermont is a reg-only jurisdiction for vehicles 15 years or older, and uses this registration form of ownership. Since all states need to recognize other states legal documents, this can be converted to the title in your home state.

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Bonus : In addition to the legal ownership documents, Vermont will also send you a license plate for registration and operation on the road. How much will the bill of sale only title process cost me?

When you order with CarTitles. What about sales tax and registration fees? You will receive a notice for the sales tax and registration fees separately.


You can pay these fees directly to the DMV at any time you wish, by check or money order. Does my bill of sale need to be notarized? No, your bill of sale does not need to be notarized. Can my bill of sale be handwritten?

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Yes, your bill of sale can be handwritten or typed. What does my bill of sale need to include? Include the VIN, purchase price, purchase date, buyer and seller information.